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Neck and back pain are leading causes of missed work. Our focus is to find out the exact cause of your pain and help you to relieve from the pain through treating not only the symptom but also the origin of the pain.

Back pain is said to be multi-factorial and multi-etiological. It means that it has many causes and there are many reasons for it. Much has been written about back pain and its causes. It is a complex subject and therefore the explanations are often over-simplified, which can be misleading. We as chiropractors, hope that this information will be easy to understand but not too simplistic.

The spine consists of many structures that can signal pain and therefore be part of why you have pain. The most common type of injuries are ligament and joint injuries. Sometimes these injuries are referred to as ‘simple back pain’ but there is rarely anything simple about it.

The sensation of pain is a protective mechanism and without it we would constantly hurt ourselves without knowing it.
The structures of the spine that has the most pain nerves are the joint capsules of the facet joints (spinal joints). So, it is reasonable to assume that the ‘designer’ of the spine expected the joints to be the most likely to get injured.

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